To meet popular demand we are relaunching Music Rewards - back better than ever

Here at Reward The World we know that Music is one of the most popular rewards to download. Indeed, historically music downloads represent over 50% of all our digital reward redemptions†.

It is widely accepted that listening to music has real psychological benefits and according to a recent Verywell study, 77% of readers said music helped to cheer them up during the pandemic.

So that is why Reward the World is relaunching Music Rewards and announcing a bigger, better, wider, and more extensive range of music rewards that will now be available for download by the end of December 2021. As you might expect this includes not only the back catalogues of famous bands and artists but also some of the latest releases across genres from classical to hip-hop and house.

Music has benefits

As demonstrated by a recent Clarus Commence study, (79%) of program participants don’t want to accumulate any more points, they want to reap more immediate benefits to retain their loyalty and/or make them feel valued. As a highly cost-effective micro reward the relaunch of music on the Reward the World™ platform instantly provides a huge choice of digital rewards well within the grasp of participants with relatively low point balances.

This means that customers or potential customers can be offered meaningful rewards even for the purchase of small-ticket items.

Some of the improvements and added benefits are:

  • Music downloads now available in the USA, Canada and the whole of Europe

  • Hi-res sound quality download options, including 24-bit FLAC

  • A slicker user-interface, with music arranged by genre, making browsing and redemption much easier and quicker

  • The option to instantly save tracks directly to your favourite online cloud storage solution* for easy recall on any device

We believe that the relaunch of this highly cost-effective digital rewards category, provides a great way to reward consumer behaviour, with instantly accessible digital music downloads that will both surprise and delight. We would highly recommend the promotion of music rewards for product promotional and subscriber renewal campaigns.

Let’s help you reward your customers and gain the results you need.