eMagazine rewards

Our huge catalog of eMagazine rewards offers titles to satisfy every taste from fashion to philosophy,  science, home and gardens,  art and archeology, food & wine, and many more. eMagazines are the world traveler’s friend, allowing the passenger to while away train journeys, and bus rides making even long flights feel short. Or maybe just a self-indulgence while enjoying a fresh latte or sipping a rum daiquiri by the pool.

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Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program

eMagazine rewards - 5000+ digital titles from around the world at the touch of a button.

Reward the World™ offers access to 5000+ digital titles in over 20 languages – keep in touch with all the latest celebrity news & gossip. food and amazing recipes, travel destinations and guides, advances in tech, and the latest in fashion. Whatever the interests of your members, customers, and employees we can provide the titles to grab their attention. Enjoy reading wherever you are, either online or offline. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac to give you an unbeatable digital reading experience.

Our current top eMagazine rewards - read today!

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Why eMagazine rewards?

eMagazines are very simple to use and highly accessible. The choice is huge and can be consumed online on virtually any digital device. Magazines such as FHM, Billboard., Grazia, Forbes, Sailing Today, and Women’s Fitness are all available under 1-Click redemption.  Never miss an issue by signing up for a subscription ensuring the latest version is always available. Redemptions start at a few hundred points making many magazines suitable for micro-reward activities and campaigns.

Market research panelists rewards

With our Market Research Incentives & Rewards solution, you can quickly select and send to your panelists and other research participants both branded and category-based eGift cards, allocate reward points or make instant cash payments via a range of widely recognized payment processors.

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Customer loyalty rewards

Our elegant rewards platform easily integrates with your Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program or can run standalone.  Allowing you to offer millions of rewards, in up to 15 languages, available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to reward the desired behavior, be that repeat business, a sign-up, or providing feedback.

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Employee recognition

Our Employee Rewards & Recognition Program is ideal for SMEs or smaller organizations looking to improve engagement and motivation. We offer a flexible program that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to recognize outstanding performance, reward staff for hitting targets, or simply say thank you.

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Offer your very own rewards platform

With full API integration, our rewards catalog of over 60 million products can be offered on a white-label basis, so recipients can browse and redeem their rewards transparently on your own, branded website or intranet.

Businesses issuing high volumes of rewards benefit from our analytics interface making it easy to review redemption rates and discover types of rewards that resonate best with your audience. Get in touch with our rewards expert to learn about getting your own-branded rewards platform today.

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We are the trusted reward partner for companies of all sizes

Discover our full range of rewards and incentives

While sometimes for a specific campaign or program, a specific reward makes sense choice is always going to be an important factor whether you are the giver or receiver of the reward.  We aim to provide a wide range of popular entertainment choices including music, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, video games, and e-magazines. To complement these entertainment options we can deliver a huge range of gift cards, mobile top-ups for most networks across the globe, and to-person payments using PayPal, bank transfer, or direct-to Wallet. The more discerning consumer can also select from an ever-increasing range of experiential rewards to enhance a vacation, weekend out, or a day out.

Getting set up is easy

Getting started is so simple – schedule a chat with us so we can help you set up the right account and level of integration for the type of program and volume of activity that you anticipate

With the PAYG option, select the country where you want to send rewards or cash, select the reward type, and set the value you require. While with full integration, members can redeem points for rewards, via your system, at any time and buy more points where required and enabled.

For push rewards, either select a message or create a new template. Select the delivery channel for the reward: email, sms, Twitter, etc. Key in or upload a list of recipient details

The recipients can redeem points or rewards immediately on rewardtheworld.com or via a white-labeled version, branded to meet your needs. Where the reward is cash the recipient will be notified that the cash has been sent to their preferred destination.

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