Sales Promotion Incentives & Rewards

  • Sales Promotion Incentives & Rewards - Incentivise & promote the desired consumer behaviour instantly
  • Millions of rewards & incentives - updated daily and available at the click of a button
  • Powerful Customer, Gamification and Antifraud services
  • Ready integration to legacy systems via API
  • An ever-expanding range of new and appealing reward categories
  • Generate incremental revenue with 'earn' functionality
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Sales Promotion Incentives & Rewards

  • Reward participants in the click of a button
  • Send rewards or cash globally
  • Thousands of rewards to choose from
  • Pay as you go
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Reward as a Service

Deliver sales promotion campaignrewards quickly and globally

With our Sales Promotion Incentives & Rewards program, we have assembled a huge choice of low-cost, high-value rewards and incentives, which can be quickly redeemed and instantly consumed on the Reward the World™ rewards platform – popular, ever-green rewards such as movies, music, games, magazines and audiobooks. With our Sales Promotion Incentives & Rewards solution you can also quickly select and send both branded and category-based eGift cards, allocate reward points for later redemption to build loyalty, provide mobile top-ups and eSims globally or even make instant cash payments via a range of widely recognised payment processors.

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If you are looking to promote sales and encourage specific behavior  - to nudge a purchase or encourage repeat business, look no further.

Choose your model

Self-Serve Plan - select from our wide range of rewards and distribute them to individuals or groups, including analytics and tracking.

Professional Plan - offers a co-branded, loyalty management and reward distribution platform.

Enterprise Plan - offers full integration with your existing loyalty management system, white-label, rewards management, and distribution platform.

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For our Self-Serve and Professional plans, we can have you up and running within days or a couple of weeks. With the Enterprise Plan, typically we can integrate with your existing sales promotion systems within a month to 6 weeks, depending on the availability of your IT team or vendors.

To customise your  Self-serve or Enterprise Plans get in touch now.

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Incentivising Behavior

For sales promotions to be motivating, they must provide clear, substantial rewards, be easy to understand and redeem and align with the consumer’s purchasing behavior. Perceived low-value or restrictive rewards such as coupons with short expiry dates or complex redemption processes with too many hoops to jump through can be demotivating and fail to deliver the promotion’s objectives.

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High Perceived value

Particularly when aiming for survey completion or program sign-up, a wide range of reward choices can prove much more cost-effective than discounting and BOGOF offers as customer-perceived reward value can often greatly outweigh the actual cost.

Instant Gratification or Accumulate points

Audience desires & motivations vary - satisfy those seeking instant gratification by offering digital vouchers allowing instant redemption for movies, games, music, mobile top-ups or gift cards, or for those willing or those motivated by the value of a longer-term relationship allow them to accumulate points and redeem later for magazine or movie subscriptions, audiobooks, duty-free cash or experiential rewards.

Simple, frictionless redemption

The right behaviour is best rewarded as soon as possible - ideally right after a positive buying experience, sign-up, survey completion or feedback submission. Always best to ensure the action is directly associated with the reward.

Types of businesses we help

Sales Promotion Agencies

International sales promotion agencies creating and managing promotional campaigns for major brands seeking cost-effective, international reward delivery solutions.

Brands integrating rewards & incentives into sales promotions systems

Many companies run sales promotions to drive sales and increase consumer activity and engagement and need a reliable and cost-effective method of delivering rewards and incentives outside of their own product set.

Survey tools

Companies offering consumer data collection  and survey tools who wish to enhance their product by integrating incentives and rewards into their product.

Millions of rewards to choose from


Gift cards


Books & mags




Audio Books


Retail Offers

Prepaid Cards

Loyalty Swap

Getting set up is easy

Getting started is so simple – schedule a chat with us so we can help you set up the right account and level of integration for the type of program and volume of activity that you anticipate

With the PAYG option, select the country where you want to send rewards or cash, select the reward type, and set the value you require. While with full integration, members can redeem points for rewards, via your system, at any time and buy more points where required and enabled.

For push rewards, either select a message or create a new template. Select the delivery channel for the reward: email, sms, Twitter, etc. Key in or upload a list of recipient details

The recipients can redeem points or rewards immediately on or via a white-labeled version, branded to meet your needs. Where the reward is cash the recipient will be notified that the cash has been sent to their preferred destination.

Benefits of Sales Promotion Incentives & Rewards

Motivate campaign participants

Campaign participants or respondents can choose from 60 million + reward choices including movies, magazines, ebooks and audiobooks, music and video-game downloads, audiobooks, mobile top-ups, cash payouts, or their favorite branded gift card – an ever-expanding choice will always have powerful appeal.

Many of these rewards can be classified as micro-rewards that have high perceived value but at a very economical cost and as such can be effectively deployed as an incentive against lower-value product purchases.

Overcome consumer fatigue

Participating regularly in sales promotion campaigns can easily become a bit of a chore, so it makes sense to be able to intervene to anticipate potential fatigue. We offer the facility to deliver a range of perks that you can distribute to respondents experiencing fatigue or to actively encourage regular participation by offering rewards such as casual games, points exchange and conversion to cash, where that is legally permissible under local regulations.

Program Integration

We offer full API integration with your sales promotion or loyalty systems and e-procurement solutions (iCoupa, Ariba, Xero, etc), no-code Application connector solutions (e.g. Zapier). With our API-led approach, we can integrate with all the main marketing, CRM, and eCommerce solutions. Why build and maintain your own rewards delivery system when you can integrate with the best?

Increase engagement

The best time to get customer feedback is on a successful transaction – completing an application form or making an online purchase. It is also an ideal time to offer an instant reward or incentive to provide a review, testimonial, or a short feedback survey. Integrating with the Reward the World™ rewards platform offers instant access to thousands of micro-rewards to reward behavior and increase engagement. We handle all the negotiation and integration with hundreds of reward partners across the world allowing you to focus on delivering successful sales promotion campaigns.

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Seamless integration

With our API-led approach we can integrate will all the main marketing, CRM, and eCommerce solutions

Seamless Integration

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