Revenue Services

Our wide range of Rewards plays an important role in recognizing everything from employee performance to enhancing a brand relationship. The reward redemption process also presents various opportunities to generate incremental revenue while increasing engagement.

That is why we offer a range of revenue services to help mitigate the cost of running employee recognition and loyalty rewards programs. If you are interested in investigating the opportunities to generate revenue to help fund your rewards and incentives activities schedule a call with us now to identify which of our revenue services best fit your needs.

Generate revenue by reselling our products to your customers

  1. Select one or more digital items from our huge  Reward Marketplace
  2. Decide the level of branding (or none) you would be happy with
  3. Determine the volume you wish to buy so we can negotiate bulk discounts for you
  4. Offer the items to your customers at a mark-up
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Need to bulk-buy rewards?

Do you have a need to purchase a large volume of rewards such as gift cards and prepaid cards, or digital entertainment rewards such as movie passes, games, or music downloads to support employee recognition programs, loyalty programs or promotional campaigns?

We have extensive expertise in digital content negotiations and long-standing relationships with these vendors and brand owners, which means we can leverage bulk discounts upon request on any of the above and most rewards currently in our catalog. Schedule a call now to discuss your specific requirements and we can help get started.

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Get your rewards sponsored so you don't need to pay

Imagine if you didn’t need to pay a penny for rewards and incentives. Well, this is truly possible by adopting a reward sponsorship approach. Many mainstream brands are happy to finance rewards if there’s something in it for them such as increased exposure to a specific markey segment..

Our team knows exactly what to offer brands, as well as which brands love to offer sponsorships. Just book a chat with our sponsorships team, and they’ll be able to walk you through our simple process of acquiring sponsorship for you.

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Earn cash back

After years of operating our platform as a ‘burn’ Solution -where you need to spend points or miles to redeem a reward, we are now finalizing a transition to an ‘earn and burn’ Solution allowing users to actually earn extra points, miles or cash back when you make purchases on Reward the World.

These earned points can then be used at major retailers – we’ve already partnered with thousands of popular retail brands and will soon offer a huge array of cash-back options to choose from.