Customer Service App & Analytics

Our rewards distribution platform is designed to make bulk reward distribution a breeze, so naturally, we provide an easy-to-use customer service portal to make interaction with recipients effortless. Built for scale, we also provide an analytics dashboard and reporting facility, allowing you to gain powerful insights into your reward campaigns at a single glance.

Customer service app

Our customer service app is built to help you manage day-to-day operations, tracking orders, transactions, and redemptions. This is where customer issues are tracked and resolved and potential fraud attempts are captured for review and resolution.

Powerful analytics dashboard

For any company operating a rewards or incentives program, there is always the need to understand how well it is performing, what is proving appealing, and what is not. As well as key metrics like redemption values and rates and how they vary across regions. That’s where our analytics dashboard comes in, providing access to all the key data.

Executive reports

High-level, top-down reports are available to provide an overview of overall performance to help identify trends across countries and member groups. A wide range of reports are provided and custom reports can be provided on-demand

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We bring you a state of the art fraud prevention solution used by the largest financial institutions around the world, providing the highest level security.


An easy and rapid integration of our digital content. The API is a REST-based HTTP service built on top of Reward the World™'s highly-scalable digital content solution.


Reward the World™ guarantees a 99% service uptime as we know availability of your service is of utmost importance to provide deeper customer engagement and satisfaction.


Our customer service community portal enables your team to access resources, reports and receive transactional data and analytics insights, to deliver fast and efficient customer service.

Service Monitoring

We employ a service monitoring tool to ensure we are aware of any interruptions 24/7 and can act quickly.