About us

The company originally started out in the business of licencing entertainment assets for resale and reuse for marketing and promotion and what later became commonly known as rewards. At that time product was largely physical but by 2008 the world was moving increasingly digital, and we saw the commercial need for the instant delivery of rewards and incentives on a global basis.

We quickly realised that by adopting the right technology we could improve both the ease of reward selection and the speed of delivery. So, we decided to build our own rewards and incentives platform around, what we perceived to be the best in class, tried and tested technology, to both ensure platform viability and reduce time-to-market. We launched our rewards and incentives platform in 2009 and have been evolving and refining it ever since.

Leveraging 1% of our time to improve communities around the world

We are honored to be among the first of U.K. companies to join Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement. Founded by Atlassian, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, Rally and Salesforce.org, Pledge 1% empowers companies to donate 1% of product, 1% of equity, 1% of profit or 1% of employee time to improve communities around the world.

Our mission

  • We want to make Reward the World the rewards and incentives provider that people-centric brands, companies, and organisations want to partner with.
  • We aim to offer an ever-expanding, range of appealing rewards provided in a quick, safe, secure, and easily redeemable format compliant with local laws and regulations.
  • We make it simple for small companies to access our rewards and incentives while ensuring that our platform can be seamlessly integrated into high-volume, high-performance businesses.
  • We source the best-in-class technology solutions to support our operations, focusing our development effort in creating differentiation.
  • We recognise no barriers in where our people work, their gender orientation, religion, or culture we only ask that they share the Reward the World values and ethos.

Our story

The company started out in the business of licensing entertainment assets for resale and reuse for marketing and promotion and what later became commonly known as rewards. At that time product was largely physical but by 2008 the world was moving increasingly digital, and demanding instant delivery of rewards and incentives, on a global basis.

Realizing that by applying the right technology we could improve both the ease of reward selection and the speed of delivery, we decided to build our own rewards and incentives platform around best-in-class, tried and tested technology.  It took us just 12 months to launch the first version.

Salesforce.com forms the core of the platform as our CRM around which we created robust and versatile APIs to interconnect our applications with the systems of our suppliers and clients. While we found the adoption of API n integration was common in large enterprises, it quickly became clear that most of the leading suppliers were way behind the curve and did not have an API.

So, one of our first challenges was to both persuade and then help suppliers to develop their own APIs. To this day, as the sophistication of the market increases, we continue to work with suppliers and partners to drive innovation in both product development and delivery.

By 2015 the online delivery of rewards such as gift cards was becoming commonplace globally and as a result, volumes had increased dramatically. Inevitably this was mirrored by a similar rise in fraud. The problem got so bad that some companies were suspicious that up to 50% of their monthly transactions could be suspect. Having identified that there were very few satisfactory, commercial solutions available we looked to the banking sector where we finally found a viable solution that we could also readily integrate into our platform.

As a result, in 2016 we released a new version of the platform incorporating what has since become one of the market-leading, banking-grade risk assessment solutions which virtually overnight reduced the level of suspected fraudulent transactions by 90%.

Like every other company operating in Europe, we were obliged to comply with the GDPR data protection regulations – we achieved full compliance in 2018.

COVID-19 hit in early 2020 and initially had a major impact on both our clients, suppliers and the company. This triggered a major review of our business strategy. We quickly recognized our market was changing quite dramatically and we needed to evolve our business model while strengthening our balance sheet, Therefore, in the summer of 2020, we took the opportunity to refinance the company and rebrand the company as Reward the World™ – to better describe to the market what we do. In parallel, we embarked upon a major redevelopment of the platform to simplify our redemption processes, widen our range of reward categories to meet changing consumer attitudes and prepare for further data control regulatory changes.

On July 30, 2021, Reward the World™ announced the 1-Click Redemption strategy to make digital reward redemption as frictionless as possible, delivering reward enjoyment gratification in as short a time as possible, with a minimum of effort.

Following the  GDPR regulations in Europe, many countries have passed laws mandating where data can be viewed, processed, and stored. As rewards or loyalty programs must comply with the data residency rules applicable in individual jurisdictions, in 2022 we sourced a Data Residency solution for the Reward the World™ platform.

Anticipating the evolving needs of consumers towards experiences as well as media such as games. music or books, in 2023 we are introducing a range of experiential rewards. This will allow the booking of excursions and experiences to coincide with planned holidays or days out. The following are among the first that we will offer Travel, Cruises, Activities (guided tours, gastronomic experiences, etc.) live event tickets (concerts, festivals, sports matches, etc.) with more to follow.


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Our values


These qualities form the foundation our business is built on.


We never stop pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and providing a solutions-oriented approach.

Customer Success

Delighting and exciting our customers with each and every opportunity.


We highly value treating our colleagues and customers fairly and with respect.

Our leadership team

Denis HuréCEO and Founder

Denis is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and technology. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, he has established himself as a visionary leader. Denis co-founded his first startup after over 15 years of corporate experience, where he honed his skills in product development, marketing and business strategy.  Throughout his career, Denis has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence to blockchain. He has a knack for identifying emerging trends and transforming them into successful ventures.

Tani TheronHead of Operations

Tani thrives on finding creative ways to get to the top of challenging boulders and employs her rock climbing mentality to help Reward the World™ reach new heights. She is a passionate conservationist and a London Thames River Watch volunteer. Being a part of the loyalty industry, helping clients say thank you to their customers, allows her to employ her passions to make a difference in people’s lives in both work and play.

Gordon HusbandsChairman and Investor

For Gordon growing up during the height of the Space Race led to involvement with rockets, missiles, and technical wizardry at an early age. A twist of fate introduced the thrill of selling to big corporates during the mini-computer explosion in the ’80s. While the advent of the PC rerouted him into running an international marketing company. Now with several years of investment experience in SMEs and latterly start-ups, he brings an eclectic cocktail of skills to Reward the World™.

Yolanda FernandezHead of Development

What Yolanda does not know about staying fit and healthy is not worth knowing! It takes dedication, great organisational skills, and staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends to keep up her military fitness regime! She also lives and breathes this attitude at work, helping to continuously improve and accelerate our service, and deliver top quality development projects. And when she is not doing gym stuff, Yolanda likes to travel the world and learn about new cultures and places, an interest that compliments working at Reward the World™, a truly multicultural company with employees in every corner of the world, connecting cultures and passions and creating great things together.

Mike Ridgewell
Mike RidgewellHead of Client Success

As a lifelong guitarist, Mike understands the importance of innovation, creativity, and collaboration to make great music. Whether a business is like a jazz trio with a culture of improvisation, or a full orchestra with discipline and structure, Mike helps create authentic connections with audiences to fuel emotional connections that deliver a business outcome. Based in Los Angeles, Mike draws from his 30 years of leadership experience from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including the Walt Disney Company, to help Reward The World’s customers find the right-sized solution for the maximum impact in perfect harmony.