Employee Rewards & Recognition Program

  • Recognise & reward employee achievements
  • Increase employee productivity & retention
  • Timely appreciation and instant rewarding
  • Gamify engagement
  • Personalised greetings for special occasions
  • Millions of rewards employees actually want
  • Send rewards or cash globally
  • Automate and simplify your program
  • Onboard a scalable, customizable, cost-effective platform
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Employee Rewards & Recognition Program

  • Recognise & reward employee achievements
  • Send rewards globally in the click of a button
  • Thousands of rewards that staff actually want
  • Increase employee productivity & retention
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Motivational EmployeeRewards & Recognition Program

Our cloud-based  Employee Rewards & Recognition Program is user-friendly and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor recognition programs to specific needs and values. Helping SMEs and small organizations cultivate a recognition-rich culture that fosters engagement and motivation. As a world-leading rewards and incentives solutions provider, we offer a huge choice of rewards for your employees through our Reward the World™ platform. Whether you operate a value-based recognition culture or via tangible rewards such as gift cards or even high-end merchandise, our platform allows companies to celebrate and reward the achievements and efforts of their employees. This helps to create a positive work environment, boost morale, and increase productivity in the workplace.

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If you want to start building a reward-driven culture at your workplace through rewards and recognition, look no further.

Choose Rewards & Benefits

Choose from a wide range of rewards; music, movies, eMagazines, video games, eBooks, merchandise, training courses, mobile top-ups, software, and audiobooks, or select a digital gift card or gift pass. All colleagues will also have access to some very exciting perks like cash-back, retail discount offers, and discounted travel, etc.

Reward & Recognize Employees

Automatically send selected rewards to one or more recipients for good performance, completing a project, or just celebrating a birthday. or work anniversary. All our rewards can be instantly redeemed for any item or items from over 60 million options. You can run leader boards, enable employee/colleague of the month voting, and encourage employee group social interaction and feedback.

Join hundreds of companies incentivising  and recognising colleagues with Reward the World™

Why incentivise and recognise Employees

Employees tend to respond positively. when they see colleagues and team members being rewarded and recognized for achievements.  Employees that feel their achievements are appreciated and concretely rewarded tend to be more motivated and committed to the company.

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Increase Engagement

Celebrate winners, publicize achievements, and inspire excellence with gamification and leaderboards. Encourage peer groups to nominate performers and contributors and share experiences.

Increase productivity

Amplify teamwork by encouraging timely and frequent appreciation of peer group members. Make recognition real and meaningful by rewarding employees instantly with instantly redeemable and consumable rewards.

Improve job satisfaction

The fact that an employee reward and recognition system is in place, can not in itself make a job something it is not, but it does demonstrate a company's desire to better engage with employees.

Businesses we can help

Small & Medium Businesses

Looking for a way to perk up employee interest and improve retention?

We can provide you with a simple self-service reward distribution service or a full-blown reward and recognition system to fit any budget. A simple reward like a music or movie download, computer game, or discount voucher is a quick and easy way to say - "job well done" or "Happy Birthday" without breaking the bank and has value way beyond the item itself.

Start Rewarding Employees

Already running customer loyalty campaigns - what about your employees?

You may already be operating a customer loyalty program or thinking about introducing one. Why not extend that to deliver employee rewards and recognition too?

Our versatile rewards platform can provide both, suitability segmented, providing a huge range of rewards and incentives to suit all tastes and budgets and saving you significant costs, This can then also be extended across other marketing activities.

HR & performance management

You might be a small but growing HR department that is looking to build employee engagement through rewards and recognition.

We can offer a simple self-service reward distribution service or a full-blown reward and recognition system to fit your budget. Or we can integrate with your existing system to provide a dynamic instant rewards platform providing millions of rewards.

How it works

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Millions of rewards to choose from


Gift cards


Books & mags




Audio Books


Retail Offers

Prepaid Cards

Loyalty Swap

Getting set up is easy

Getting started is so simple – schedule a chat with us so we can set up the right account for the number of employees and countries you require.

Enter employee details or import from a list (xls, csv)

Create teams and management groups or cost centres, and allocate employees as required.

Allocate budgets to managers and team leaders with associated criteria, which enable the award of rewards

Set hurdles and goals and start allocating incentives, or send a gift card, voucher or award reward points

Our employee rewards & incentives program

Instant, high-impact rewards

Something for everyone – meaningful rewards – music new releases to classics, latest movie releases, software for mum’s and dad’s, games for the kids, travel and discount vouchers for all the family

what makes a good reward

Show that you really do care

A tangible reward that’s instantly redeemable, with no fuss, delivered on time, at the right time – speaks volumes

Rewards that staff actually want

Cash may be king, but being given a choice comes a close second. Different demographics have different values and needs so don’t rt to second guess give them 60 million plus choices.

Other popular incentives

Seamless integration

Reward all in all occasions

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