A global reward platform with 60 million in-demand rewards

Welcome to Reward the World, where the rewards and incentives opportunities come to life. Here are a few great reasons to use Reward the World as your rewards and incentives distribution platform:

  • Award winning reward platform
  • Available in 15 languages
  • 250 million users worldwide
  • 100% guaranteed instant reward delivery
  • Can be rebranded and integrated into any website
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The global rewards platform with 60+ million rewards

Welcome to Reward the World™, where the rewards and incentives opportunities come to life. Here are a few great reasons to adopt Reward the World™ as your rewards and incentives distribution platform:

  • Award-winning rewards platform
  • Available in 15 languages
  • 250 million users worldwide
  • 100% guaranteed instant reward delivery
  • Can be rebranded and seamlessly  integrated into any website
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Reward the World

What is Reward the World™?

We are a world-leading, rewards and incentives solutions provider with an elegant rewards platform offering millions of rewards and incentives available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to encourage and reward the behavior and outcome you desire. Whatever your aim; to collect first-party data, increase sales conversion, reward loyalty, or purely recognize the efforts of employees, panelists, donors, or distribution partners, Reward the World™ can help.

Market research panelists rewards

With our Market Research Incentives & Rewards solution, you can quickly select and send to your panelists and other research participants both branded and category-based eGift cards, allocate reward points or make instant cash payments via a range of widely recognized payment processors.

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Customer loyalty rewards

Our elegant rewards platform easily integrates with your Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program or can run standalone.  Allowing you to offer millions of rewards, in up to 15 languages, available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to reward the desired behavior, be that repeat business, a sign-up, or providing feedback.

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Employee recognition

Our Employee Rewards & Recognition Program is ideal for SMEs or smaller organizations looking to improve engagement and motivation. We offer a flexible program that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to recognize outstanding performance, reward staff for hitting targets, or simply say thank you.

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Over 60 Million Rewards

We have a large range of reward categories to appeal to every demographic and budget, music, movies, games, ebooks, digital magazines, mobile phone top-ups, points swap (with other loyalty programs) – available globally and in a wide range of languages. Rewards can be redeemed on-demand, centrally distributed as vouchers, points, cash, or gift cards, and via cash cards. We also offer or packaged monthly reward passes to incentivize continued participation or deliver a more long-lasting effect.


Gift cards





World leading Rewards & Incentives Platform

We offer a range of price plans to support the selection, distribution and management of rewards and incentives – from a entry level, pay as you go solution to a fully integrated, customer branded version for high volume applications

Your decide scale & budget

The beauty of our rewards and incentives is that the cost can be tailored to the marketing budget and proportionate to the margin of the product or service. Microrewards such as an ebook, digital magazine, or a music track can often be downloaded for less than $1,€1, or £1 making them viable options for a wide range of activity and campaigns, such as FMCG and direct marketing promotions.

While for premium products or loyalty campaigns, where points can be accumulated over time, premium-product such as popular films, magazine subscriptions, and computer games are available at wholesale cost.

Price plans

Use Reward the World to grow your business

Build Emotional Connection

Successful brands build a strong emotional connection with their customers. Readily available digital. entertainment, certain gift cards, and experiential rewards are perceived as valuable and are proven ways to encourage and reward engagement.

Reduce Churn

We have a huge pool of ever-expanding rewards to meet all tastes. Customers will keep coming back to earn rewards if they know that there is an inexhaustible choice of ever-evolving rewards awaiting them. We can also offer gamification features to help support your loyalty campaigns and to reduce churn.

Timing is key

When the desired customer behavior is rewarded immediately, it dramatically increases the likelihood of repeat action by the customer. Conversely, a significant lag between the promise of a reward and the receipt of a reward has the opposite effect.

Improve Margins

Digital rewards can prove much more cost-effective than discounting and BOGOF offers as customer-perceived reward value can often greatly outweigh the actual cost. We also offer "burn" solutions where your members etc can use credit cards to top up points or buy an item with a combination of cash and points generating incremental revenue.

Our happy customers

“Placing orders with Reward the World has been simple and the turnaround time to receive the codes for products has been remarkably fast. Customers support has been reliable and UBCF feels like a valued partner.”

Ken Petterson, Sr. VP United Breast Cancer

Designed for agencies & brands

  • Create your own, while-label rewards solution to serve clients’ needs
  • Tailor promotions and activities to support individual clients’ campaigns
  • Manage rewards across borders for international or regional campaigns
  • Target rewards activities at your clients’ channel partners, consumers, employees, distributors, etc
  • Create your own pricing plans to support account billing
  • Focus on your campaigns, we manage digital reward sourcing, updating, and delivery
  • GDPR & ADA compliance and anti-fraud solutions
  • Full Data Analytics and reporting per brand, per country, etc
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Seamless integration

With our API-led approach we can integrate will all the main marketing, CRM, and eCommerce solutions

Seamless Integration

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