Gift card rewards & incentives

Buy, send & track digital gift cards for your reward & incentive programs. Choose from a huge range of well-known, branded gift cards such as Apple and Amazon, or why not Reward the World’s own versatile virtual gift card, which can be used to choose from over 60 million movies, music tracks, games, eBooks, software and much more.

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All the World's most popular Gift Cards

Major Brand gift cards are a popular reward worldwide as they are well-understood, easily recognized, and trusted. Reward the World™ provides the ability to select and distribute a huge choice of gift cards from major brands across the globe direct to your loyalty members, panelists, employees, or channel partners.

And also the versatile Reward the World™ Card

Looking for a digital gift card that gives access to a huge range of digital entertainment?  Why not try the Reward the World™ virtual Card – highly flexible and redeemable in 1-click?

We can even create your own branded versions to support employee recognition programs or promotional campaign rewards.  These are redeemable for any of an ever-expanding 60 million games, music, movies, software, ebooks, and lots more available instantly on our world-leading rewards platform.


Redeemable against over 60 million rewards!

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Why Gift Cards

First and foremost Gift Cards put the purchasing decision in the hands of the recipient – so no more unwanted socks or foam bath bombs. It is easy to choose any gift card amount within reason and they can be readily used as a micro-reward where budgets are tight. Generally, they can be selected in whatever currency is relevant and appropriate to the recipient’s location. They are available mainly in digital form so they can be distributed instantly by email or text anywhere in the world.
Reward the World™ gift cards give the benefit of access to one of the largest reward and incentives catalogs, plus instant redemption, and the option to redeem larger reward values by adding additional cash on redemption, potentially increasing revenues.

Market research panelists rewards

With our Market Research Incentives & Rewards solution, you can quickly select and send to your panelists and other research participants both branded and category-based eGift cards, allocate reward points or make instant cash payments via a range of widely recognized payment processors.

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Customer loyalty rewards

Our elegant rewards platform easily integrates with your Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program or can run standalone.  Allowing you to offer millions of rewards, in up to 15 languages, available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to reward the desired behavior, be that repeat business, a sign-up, or providing feedback.

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Employee recognition

Our Employee Rewards & Recognition Program is ideal for SMEs or smaller organizations looking to improve engagement and motivation. We offer a flexible program that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to recognize outstanding performance, reward staff for hitting targets, or simply say thank you.

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The trusted rewards and incentives partner for companies of all sizes

We can help any company or organization with a need to simply and easily distribute or provide access to rewards and incentives.

Some companies just want to distribute specific rewards like gift cards to survey panelists or employees. Others operate ongoing loyalty programs with large numbers of members where ‘points’ or ‘miles’ are accumulated over time and where members chose when are where to make a redemption.

We also offer the facility to exchange points or miles with other loyalty programs to increase spending power and mobile phone top-ups which are of particular appeal in countries where credit cards and bank accounts are for the favored few.

Offer your very own rewards platform

By selecting the Enterprise Plan, our reward catalog of over 60 million rewards can be offered to your users on a white-label, own-brand basis, who can then browse and redeem their rewards via your own website or intranet.

Businesses issuing high volumes of rewards get access to an analytics interface making it easy to review redemption rates and discover types of rewards that resonate best with your audience. Get in touch with our rewards expert to learn about getting a white-label rewards platform today.

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Bulk discounts

If you just have an occasional need to buy a large batch of gift cards to support a specific project or campaign book a call with us, and we can get you a special rate.

We have the contacts and relationships with the various brands and vendors of gift cards to better negotiate a decent one-off deal which might otherwise take you a lot of time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gift cards can be purchased and sent to anyone, anywhere within minutes utilizing our platform to reward behavior and engage with customers. What’s more, the recipient can use the thel gift card immediately to consume popular digital entertainment online or make purchases of their choice with their favorite brands.

As they come in many denominations, they are an affordable and scalable reward option for both small and large-sized businesses.

Gift card rewards are really useful  :

  • As a simple and quick incentive when collecting first-party data
  • To help provide that nudge to increase sales conversion
  • As a readily recognizable reward for customer loyalty or encouraging employee engagement
  • As a tangible and welcome acknowledgement of the efforts of employees and partners

You can buy the Reward the World™ gift card now at our Digital Gift Cards Store

If you are looking to buy a larger number of either popular brand gift cards or the Reward the World™ gift card schedule a call with us now.

You should note that in many countries Gift cards above a ceratin value are regarded as a beneifit in kind and hence are taxable when given to employees. So please check with your payroll or local finance department for guidance.

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Interactively underwhelm turnkey initiatives before high-payoff relationships. Holisticly restore superior interfaces before flexible technology. Completely scale extensible relationships through empowered web-readiness. Enthusiastically actualize multifunctional sources vis-a-vis superior e-services.

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