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Reward the World offers a range of price plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small local business that wants to issue rewards occasionally or a larger enterprise that needs high volume, high-frequency reward fulfillment on a global scale, Reward the World can provide the perfect price plan to meet your needs..

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Platform branding examples for price plans

The Starter price plan provides a Pay-As-You-Go, stand-alone service.  Reward vouchers, reward points, or gift cards are purchased and can be distributed through our self-serve app. and are redeemed via redemption site.

The Professional price plan offers a co-branded platform with both your logo and ours.
You get a unique Reward the World platform subdomain ( which can be configured to meet your rewards and incentives needs and includes light integration with your required system.

The Enterprise price plan offers a Whitelabelled, highly-configurable platform with your logo and branding.
It includes full API integration to ensure seamless integration with your loyalty, reward, or recognition systems.

Buy in bulk for even better value

Our team has extensive expertise in digital content negotiation which means we can offer bulk discounts upon request on most products in our catalogue.

So, if you want to buy high volumes of any specific digital products get in touch.

Our negotiations team will gladly leverage your order size to secure attractive discounted prices for you.

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Get your rewards sponsored so you don't need to pay

Imagine you didn’t need to pay a penny for the rewards and incentives that you issued? This is truly possible through reward sponsorships. Many brands are happy to finance rewards if
there’s something in it for them.

Our team know exactly what to offer brands, as well as which brands love to offer sponsorships. Just book in a chat with our sponsorships team, and they’ll be able to walk you through our simple process of acquiring sponsorship for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It really comes down to volume. If you have a large number of active program members or employees that you want to participate then an integrated Enterprise plan will be best. If you are just looking for an easy way to distribute rewards, gift cards, or cash equivalents then the Starter/PAYG version will be the simplest option. Feel free to connect with us to discuss your needs in detail and we can advise the best approach.

In short, no. For some customers, they tell us what they want – movie passes, gift cards, prepaid cards, we bill their credit card and then ship the product to them or direct to their members, employees etc.

The Starter plan expects you to pay at the time of placing an order. You can set up a credit card to service account funding. The Professional and Enterprise plans are based on meeting an agreed minimum, monthly level of transactions, which are billed in advance.

Rewards can cost under $1.00/£1.00 or €1.00. Reward The World has negotiated deals with a huge range of media owners, globally to obtain very attractive rates. We also provide Payments to mobile wallets or for Mobile topups which are a highly efficient and fast way of delivering a reward, subject to local tax regulations.

For most of the rewards available through our platform, you will benefit from wholesale prices which we have negotiated volume agreements with the rights owners. Gift Cards and Prepaid cards only qualify for very small discounts typically, however, if you are anticipating large volumes we can often approach the vendors to negotiate more attractive rates

You can find the latest version of our reards catalog at the Reward The World redemption site.  Feel free to browse the latest movies, games, ebooks, music tracks, or audiobooks. Or why go to our Gift Card store, buy a Reward The World Gift Card, and send it to a friend or colleague to sample or content right away?

If you have a requirement for a bulk order such as 5,000 gift cards or prepaid cards at €10 or £10 each then contact us. Bear in mind that the discounts available on face value are small and vary from brand to brand. There larger the annual volume you have the better deal we can do. We offer time-limited and location-specific virtual cards that are very useful for targeted campaigns requiring specific goal completion.

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