Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program

  • Reward customer loyalty & incentivise repeat business
  • Millions of rewards - updated daily
  • Powerful Customer service, Gamification and Antifraud 
  • Ready integration to legacy systems
  • Generate incremental revenue with 'earn' functionality
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Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program

  • Reward customer loyalty & incentives repeat orders
  • Send rewards globally
  • Thousands of rewards to choose from
  • Fully customisable rewards program
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Powerful CustomerLoyalty Management

Reward the World™ provides an elegant rewards platform that easily integrates with your Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program or can be driven standalone.  Offer millions of rewards, in up to 15 languages, available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to your customers or members to reward the desired behaviour, be that repeat business, completing a feedback form, or signing up for a subscription.

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If you are looking to start rewarding customers' or members' behavior  - to nudge a purchase or encourage repeat business, look no further.

Choose your model

Self-Serve Plan - select from our wide range of rewards and distribute to individuals or groups, includes analytics and tracking.

Professional Plan - co-branded, white-label, loyalty management and reward distribution.

Enterprise Plan - full integration with your own loyalty management system, white-label, rewards management, and distribution.

Start rewarding

For our Self-Serve and Professional plans, we can have you up and running within days or a couple of weeks. Typically we can integrate with your Loyalty Rewards & Incentives Program within a month to 6 weeks, depending on the availability of your IT team or vendors.

Join hundreds of companies incentivising loyalty with Reward the World™

Why incentivise Loyalty

We all want to feel valued by the companies and brands we deal with.  Equally how well we are treated before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service has a significant impact on brand perception. Delivering instant rewards and incentives at strategic points in this process can only improve brand perception and aid the retention cycle.

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More Repeat purchases

Customers need to feel emotionally connected to a brand before they can become loyal. Entertainment is a proven way to encourage and reward engagement.

Increased value perception

Digital rewards can prove much more cost-effective than discounting and BOGOF offers as customer-perceived reward value can often greatly outweigh the actual cost

Increased responsiveness

Whatever the desired behaviour you seek, it is best rewarded as soon as possible - at the point of purchase or right after a good buying experience is perfect. Timely delivery of rewards can only increase the appeal of further participation and engagement.

Types of businesses we help

Brand & retail loyalty programs

Our team has extensive expertise in digital content negotiations which allowed us to put together this service.

CRM & Marketing automation platform

An innovative digital gift card redeemable from the reward the world store! An easy, instant way to order and deliver low cost, high value rewards!

Loyalty program platform

We are opening this expertise to our clients who have a need for specific digital content terms based on volume.

eCommerce platform

Our marketing team can help you save time by supporting you in the creation of your promotions and help you find sponsors to finance your rewards.

How it works

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Getting set up is easy

Getting started is so simple – schedule a chat with us so we can help you set up the right account and level of integration for the type of program and volume of activity that you anticipate

With the PAYG option, select the country where you want to send rewards or cash, select the reward type, and set the value you require. While with full integration, members can redeem points for rewards, via your system, at any time and buy more points where required and enabled.

For push rewards, either select a message or create a new template. Select the delivery channel for the reward: email, sms, Twitter, etc. Key in or upload a list of recipient details

The recipients can redeem points or rewards immediately on rewardtheworld.com or via a white-labeled version, branded to meet your needs. Where the reward is cash the recipient will be notified that the cash has been sent to their preferred destination.

Benefits of loyalty rewards

Increase repeat purchases

Customer behavior is often fickle, but consumers will respond to positive engagement and where they perceive value in a relationship over and above the product or service purchased. A fully integrated rewards program can actively help maintain that value perception in between purchases and renewals.

Build meaningful customer relationships

To ensure ongoing success, smart Brands take control of the conversation at or close to the point of purchase and provide several avenues of customer engagement, and also offer incentives for participation.

Generate feel-good sentiment

Consumers are always looking for choice and responsiveness – we are continually introducing new categories of rewards as well as daily updating our catalog. Our Rewards, be they branded gift cards, vouchers, points, or mobile top-ups, can be instantly redeemed with the minimum of fuss.

More incentives & rewards applications

Seamless integration

With our API-led approach we can integrate will all the main marketing, CRM, and eCommerce solutions

Seamless Integration

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