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Reward the World and ROW8 announce US instant digital rewards deal.

Reward the World™ is very excited to bring ROW8’s curated movie service to the wide world of instant digital rewards. This service will immediately be available to all users of the world-leading digital rewards platform –

Bringing even more choice and value to the 60 million-plus choice of games, emagazines, ebooks, music tracks, and movies already available. All part of our drive to continually improve choice while, through our recently announced 1-Click Redemption strategy, making reward redemption as frictionless as possible.

If you are interested in making this huge catalog of rewards instantly available to your consumers, customer, employees, members, or channel partners why not contacts us now?



London, 18th August, 2021 – Reward the World™ ( – a world leading digital rewards solutions provider and ROW8 ( – the leading independent Hollywood movie service, today announced they are bringing ROW8’s innovative, curated movie service to the wide world of instant digital rewards.

Major Hospitality brands, such as IHG Hotels & Resorts, Regent, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott, have for many years operated loyalty programs recruiting huge memberships. However, increasing privacy regulation and the Third-party data issue has created a new imperative for any corporation seeking to engage directly with consumers and suitably reward desired behavior – be that opting-in to contact or rewarding a purchase at the point of payment. Add the traditional loyalty rewards market to the new, consumer behavior reward opportunity and the resulting total addressable universe is potentially the entire US adult population.

We know the reality is that today’s consumers are increasingly fickle while also demanding instant gratification. So, they won’t put up with a complex redemption process or poor-quality rewards. This is where ROW8’s curated catalog of first-run titles from the major studios including Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Universal and Paramount combined with the 30-minute switch option instantly and undeniably shouts quality and value.  While Reward the World’s 1-Click Redemption approach reduces reward redemption to one simple click. The perfect consumer combination – value, simply delivered.

“Our ability to integrate ROW8’s high value content and slick technology with the Reward the World rewards platform will, for the first time, allow our clients’ members to select and watch a top movie with just one click, what could be simpler?” commented Denis Hure, CEO and Founder of Reward the World™.
“This is a perfect example of how ROW8 is bringing its trend-setting movie service to the wider American audience. One key trend, that the pandemic has only served to reinforce, is that the way global audiences choose to consume media is constantly and rapidly evolving. Until today, ROW8 has been available on streaming partners including Roku, Samsung, Vizio, Apple and Android. We are very happy to be introducing a new and novel way for wider audiences to access the ROW8 catalog while allowing brands and companies across the US to simply and easily provide a highly prized, instant reward to their customers,” said John Calkins, CEO of ROW8.

About ROW8

ROW8 is a subscription-free movie only OTT service featuring both new and catalog titles and has distribution deals with all the major studios. It also features its proprietary “Movie Love Guarantee” allowing customers to return their film within the first 30 minutes and exchange it for another without any additional fees and its patent pending “Scene Alert” monitoring system which alerts parents to inappropriate scenes before they air and gives them control over what content their children see.  Visit ROW8 at


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About Reward the WorldTM

We are a world-leading, digital rewards solutions provider with an elegant rewards platform offering millions of digital entertainment choices available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to encourage and reward the outcome our customer’s desire. Helping brands, businesses & institutions everywhere to increase sales or purely reward customer, partner, member, donor & employee behavior.  Our sophisticated back end provides access to detailed analytics, AI, and reporting tools allowing customers to gain deep insights into behavior and target data collected.

We offer a highly cost-effective digital rewards platform, which readily integrates with our clients’ sales and marketing systems to deliver instant rewards on a local or global basis, not only providing true insights into but also rewarding consumer behavior.


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