Reward the Worldannounces 1-Click Redemption strategy for digital rewards.

Today, at Reward the Worldwe are launching our 1-Click Redemption strategy which will make our reward solutions even more frictionless, removing all unnecessary processes, enabling reward redemption in one single step and allowing users to enjoy digital rewards instantly.

Questionwhen does a reward feel less like a reward and more like a burden?

Answerwhen the redemption process is complicated and tiresome!

Whether it is a gift card, or a reward voucher the excitement and satisfaction of receiving a reward rapidly diminishes if the effort in redeeming it starts to outweigh the value of the gift or reward.

For big-ticket items such as a free Atlantic flight, we are (reluctantly) prepared to jump through several hoops but for micro-rewards such as an emagazine, album track or ebook download the redemption process can easily be a turn-off.

The aim of the Reward the World 1-Click Redemption strategy is to make reward redemption for the user as frictionless as possible, delivering the selected reward in as short a time as possible, with the minimum of user effort.

Let’s face it in the modern world of high expectations in UX, instant gratification is king!

The advent of GDPR and other similar privacy regulations, and the Third-party data issue has created an imperative for Brands seeking to connect with their consumers while suitably rewarding desired behavior – be that opting-in to contact or rewarding purchase at the point of payment.

In short, we see the potential demand for high volume, low-value instant digital rewards to be huge and growing rapidly.

However, to be effective at high volume and low value, reward redemption needs to be as frictionless as possible, delivering that gratification in as short a time as possible, with a minimum of effort., our current digital rewards redemption platform displays our entire digital entertainment catalog (currently 60,568,921 items), in a wide range of languages from our partners around the world, aggregated and presented in one unified, simple interface.

However, our plan over the coming weeks and months will be to bring 1-Click Redemption to each category of rewards in the catalog, one category at a time. With the result that when visiting the platform our users will now not only be able to redeem a wide range of digital rewards but also instantly enjoy these rewards – watch, listen or read without migrating to another app or system.

So, what benefits will 1-Click Redemption bring to our corporate customers?  

> Easy redemption and instant consumption will encourage more redemption

> More redemption will increase the users’ perceived value of the reward-relationship

> The higher the user-perceived value the more likely the user is to stay loyal to and recommend the brand or vendor offering the reward

> Increased participation in rewards brings better user engagement while collecting more, valuable data

Surely, regular redemption of rewards must be one reliable indicator of how a user views a brand, company or employer?

Stay tuned as we will announce each category as 1-Click Redemption becomes available. In the meantime, to discuss how 1-Click Redemption can help support your marketing, conversion, employee rewards programs etc chat with us now.