Techology and Innovation

A passion for all things digital keeps us one step ahead

We stay on the forefront of all online loyalty and marketing technological developments.  Empowering clients to provide the best customer service and manage their business better than ever before.

The RSS feed allows showcasing top digital entertainment content directly on your website.  Pull our top trending music charts, the latest movies, best selling eBooks and more.

Rss Feed Generator

An easy and rapid integration of our digital content.  The API is a REST-based HTTP service built on top of Reward the World™'s highly-scalable digital content solution.


Our customer service community portal enables your team to access resources, reports and receive transactional data and analytics insights,  to deliver fast and efficient customer service.

We bring you a state of the art fraud prevention solution used by the largest financial institutions around the world, providing the highest level security.


Reward the World™ guarantees a 99% service uptime as we know availability of your service is of utmost importance to provide deeper customer engagement and satisfaction.


We employ a service monitoring tool to ensure we are aware of any interruptions 24/7 and can act quickly.