Gift your members the flexibility to convert their current points into any* other loyalty program currency they participate in, with Points Exchange. A new feature available from Reward the World™

The benefits for your business include:

1. Reduced loyalty points liability
2. Release of points margin
3. Simple ‘earn’ transaction for point sales
4. Increased points liquidity due to the much wider market for redemption
5. Immediately offers members more redemption choices and flexibility
6. Helps to fill the points gap by allowing members to combine currencies to redeem the rewards of their choice
7. Transforms your points into a negotiable loyalty currency thereby enhancing the perceived value of your points against your competitors

Schedule a call with our CEO Denis to learn more about this product.  We look forward to the possibility of both increasing redemption levels and providing an added benefit to your members.  Let’s help you reward your customers and gain the results you need.