What are Digital Gift Cards?

Digital Gift Cards offer a simple, fast and easy way to reward behaviour. We have a catalogue of over 60 million digital rewards which are instantly redeemable via a Digital Gift Card. Many of these can be redeemed for less than a US Dollar, a Euro or a British Pound, making it viable to reward behaviour at any level.

Gift card value can be selected to fit the customer’s budget and access to content can be defined or limited where required.

The good news is that digital gift cards can be deployed very quickly without investment in recognition or loyalty systems. We have already done the hard work for you. Ensuring that you start rewarding customers, employees, panel members etc with a few clicks.

Card branding, messaging and imaging can be customised at the click of a button. Each card is unique and cannot be cloned or otherwise duplicated, minimising the opportunity for fraud.

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Fully Customizable

Our Digital Gift Cards are fully customizable in value, starting at $1.00. There is no question that small frequent rewards allow you to engage consistently with your customers, rewarding and informing them along the customer journey.

Music Digital Entertainment Gift Cards
eMagazines Digital Entertainment Gift Card


Digital Gift Cards allows you to define the activation and duration of each card and can be managed by time zone and country, allowing full operational flexibility across territories.

Content Specific

You can order Digital Gift Cards attached to a specific reward category including movies, eBooks, eMagazines and music.

What’s more, tailor a specific activity to a specific content type. In addition, personalize and track multiple offerings on the customer journey and modify as needed.

Games Digital Entertainment Gift Cards


Digital Gift Cards are available worldwide and can be priced in virtual currency as well as the market currency of your choice.

Large offering

Digital Gift cards can be used to redeem over 60 million entertainment choices, depending on the type / value of the gift card.

Movies Digital Entertainment Gift Cards

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Gift cards can be purchased and send to anyone, anywhere within minutes utilising our digital entertainment rewards platform to reward behaviour and engage with customers. What’s more, the recipient can use the digital gift card immediately to consume popular digital entertainment online.

It is an affordable reward option for both small and large sized businesses offering an attractive and diverse digital entertainment catalog that will appeal to everyone.

And can employed to:

  • collect first-party data
  • increase sales conversion
  • reward loyalty
  • acknowledge the efforts of employees and partners

Digital gift cards are the perfect way to promote online brand awareness. It can provide additional opportunities to interact with customers through online marketing initiatives, such as rewarding behaviour and incentives. Allowing businesses to collect data and track customer behaviour. This valuable data can be analysed to give customers a more meaningful and tailored experience when interacting with your brand in future.

Digital gift cards can be used to buy instant entertainment rewards, including movies, eMagazines, eBooks, eNewspapers, games, software and audio books.  

Each individual gift card has a unique value and may only be valid for a specific category of content.   The gift card value, category validity, and detailed instruction on how to use it will be emailed to the recipient once the order is completed.  

Gift cards are redeemable at:
rewardtheworld.com              Worldwide (exclude USA). 
club.rewardtheworld.com       USA users

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