Why are Reward the World™ Digital Entertainment Gift Cards a popular reward choice?

Digital Entertainment Gift Card

The demand for digital gift cards is growing* every year.  And as demonstrated by a recent Clarus Commence study, to retain loyalty and/or make members feel valued,  more immediate benefits should be provided.

The Reward the World digital entertainment gift cards offer a selection of over 60+ million digital entertainment reward choices, accessible instantly, on any device, any time.

What are the benenits for your business?

  • Gift cards are a simple, quick, and easy way to reward behaviour
  • Card value can be set to fit the customer’s budget and can be linked to content per category to better appeal to particular target groups where required
  • The start and expiry date can be customized to coincide with marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Can be deployed rapidly on the market leading Reward the World platform
  • Card Branding, messaging and imagery can be customised at the click of a button with co-branded or fully branded options available
  • Each card is unique and cannot be cloned or otherwise duplicated, minimising the opportunity for fraud
  • Ultimately puts the power of gift selection back in the hands of the receiving member

*(Gift Card Statistics 2020)

Introducing our brand newGift Card design

Music Gift Card

With over 24 million tracks from leading labels, including the latest chart favorites, independent local artists and old time classics there will always be new content for your members to enjoy

Music Digital Entertainment Gift Cards

Movies Gift Card

Stream the latest movie releases from your sofa, including in theatre home cinema, big action, scary stuff, Disney hits, and classics instantly on almost any digital device.

Movies Digital Entertainment Gift Cards

Mobile Top-Up Gift Card

Send and receive airtime credit instantly to any prepaid* mobile phone worldwide!