Rewarding and Incentivising Panelists

Reward the World™ provides a tailored solution for Market Research Panelists Rewards. Market research is a huge global industry, but it is highly dependent on rewarding and incentivising panelists to participate in surveys. Many well-known global brands depend on quality, current market research data to drive product development and market strategy.  While survey program design and competent data analysis are crucial to any market research activity no program can succeed without the raw survey data provided by panelists.

Here at Reward the World™, we have gained an insight into the challenges presented in recruiting, managing, retaining, and rewarding panelists through our work with market reward organisations over many years. We understand that while rewards for survey participation tend to be small, they need to be rapidly and easily distributed to potentially large numbers of panelists. While for panelists to feel ‘rewarded’ redemption or conversion to cash must be simple, quick, and flexible.

With the market research panelist community in mind, we have built a wide range of low-cost, high-value rewards and incentives, which can be quickly redeemed and instantly consumed on the Reward the World rewards platform.   With our Market Research Panelists Rewards solution, we also provide a variety of eGift cards, points currency exchange, and instant payment solutions to further enhance the long-term relationship with panelists.

Recruiting Panelists

There is an ever-present need for new panelists which requires major effort, including identifying, contacting and persuading respondents to take part, and then gathering the necessary demographic information for weighting, all of which take time and effort. This is one of the perennial challenges facing any market research company or any organisation aiming to recruit their own panels.

Choice and simple redemption are where we can help – with over 60 million reward choices from movie and game downloads, to audiobooks and mobile topups combined with 1-Click-redemption Reward the World aims to make the reward offer as appealing and frictionless as possible to your panelists.

Why not offer potential panelists a free micro reward when they sign up?  Send potential panelists a link to your branded version of our rewards platform, and let them browse our huge catalog as part of the recruitment cycle.

Recruiting Panelists
Rewarding Panelists

Rewarding Panelists

Most surveys require a large number of respondents often across a wide range of countries where allocating and distributing rewards can represent a big logistical challenge. With our Enterprise plan, we provide full integration with your system to ensure the ready allocation of points to the panelist’s wallet combined with seamless reward redemption.

For smaller operations or programs, we provide an on-demand, self-serve system for the creation and direct distribution of voucher codes.

Obviously, the points/wallet-based approach offers the panelist more flexibility and choice while the voucher system can work very well for the efficient distribution of digital gift cards.  

In some of the emerging regions, we have found that our category options such as mobile-topups and direct payments are seen as being more effective than gift cards.

Retaining Panelists

How to maintain a panelist’s motivation and avoid respondent fatigue?

Let’s face it completing a survey can quickly become tedious, nor is it the route to unlimited riches. So close monitoring and managing of both participation and redemption rates can allow timely intervention.

Ultimately a panelist behaves just like a consumer when it comes to motivation –  instant gratification is a major plus. There is also the “liquidity” factor – how readily can points be converted into hard currency and spent.

This is where our 1-click-redemption and rewards currency exchange can help retention. We can also convert points into cash and transfer them to any bank or wallet worldwide.

We can also provide a range of perks that you can distribute to respondents experiencing fatigue or to reward regular participation.

Retaining panelists

Find out more about panelists rewards.

Reward the World has a range of solutions to cater for market research organisations large and small.  Our rewards platform already operates in 15 languages with reward content in a wide range of languages updated daily and has 250 million users worldwide.

We can provide your own platform branded, cobranded, or white label, the choice is yours.

Contacts us today to discuss your market research panelist rewards requirements. 

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