The Evolution of Loyalty Programs from Points to Engagement

Loyalty programs have long been an integral part of customer retention and marketing strategies for businesses. Traditionally, these programs have centered on offering rewards or incentives, such as discounts or points, in exchange for repeat purchases or customer referrals. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift from loyalty programs to engagement programs. This evolution of loyalty programs is driven by a recognition that businesses need to go beyond transactional relationships building deeper, more meaningful connections with customers to ensure long-term success.

The Evolution of Loyalty Programs

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world, the traditional concept of loyalty programs – offering customers points, discounts, or rewards based on their purchases – is rapidly transforming. Businesses are shifting from merely focusing on loyalty to developing comprehensive customer engagement programs. This evolution is driven by a growing understanding of consumer behaviour and the realisation that true customer loyalty extends far beyond transactional relationships.

Loyalty programs have long been a staple in customer retention strategies. They reward customers for their repeat business, creating a positive feedback loop. However, this system generally operates on a transactional basis, rewarding customers for the volume or frequency of their purchases. While this may encourage repeated business, it doesn’t necessarily help to develop a deep or meaningful relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Today’s digitally empowered consumers seek more than just transactional benefits. They crave authentic, personalized interactions and experiences that resonate with their values and lifestyles. Brands must aim to connect with customers on an emotional level, promoting a sense of belonging and shared purpose. This shift has necessitated the evolution from loyalty to engagement programs.

The Rise of Engagement Programs

Engagement programs take a holistic approach to customer loyalty, focusing on multiple touchpoints and channels to provide personalized, valuable experiences. These programs move beyond the traditional points-based reward system to encompass a wide range of initiatives designed to build deeper connections between customers and brands.

The key components of a typical engagement program include:

  1. Personalization: Engagement programs leverage customer data to deliver tailored experiences, promotions, and content. By improving the understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and demographics, businesses can create more targeted marketing campaigns that have a higher probability of resonating with their audience leading to enhanced customer loyalty.
  2. Experiential Rewards: Instead of simply offering discounts or points, engagement programs aim to provide a choice of appealing and memorable experiences. This could include exclusive or early access events or travel-enhancing services and add-ons such as local excursions, lounge access, duty fee discounts, and points swapping. By offering experiences that genuinely deliver incremental value or convenience, businesses can develop a more emotional connection encouraging a stickier relationship.
  3. Omnichannel Approach: From the get-go, engagement programs recognize that customers interact with brands across multiple channels and touchpoints. By improving the integration of these channels to provide more seamless, consistent experiences, businesses can start to drive deeper engagement and stronger customer relationships.
  4. Community Building: Many engagement programs aim to create a sense of common community and belonging among customer groups. Combining social media, online forums, and in-person events into a community where customers can interact with one another and directly with the brand. Managed and delivered correctly these communities ( can be product, brand, or location-based) can create a sense of camaraderie and shared interest, which not only helps the brand understand motivations but can also help turn customers into brand advocates.
  5. Emotional Connection: Engagement programs tend to focus on establishing emotional connections with customers, emphasizing shared values and missions. While this is often a challenging objective, where a brand can align with customers' values and aspirations, a sense of trust and loyalty that goes beyond transactional relationships can be built. Like any relationship, an emotional one can only thrive where trust has been firmly established and so will founder where a solid customer service ethos and track record is not in place (ensure your Trustpilot rating is good!)

The Benefits of Engagement Programs

  1. Enhanced Customer Retention: By working to build genuine relationships and providing valuable experiences, engagement programs can increase customers adherence to the brand, leading to increased customer lifetime value and revenue.
  2. Positive Word-of-Mouth: Engaged customers are more likely to become brand advocates, sharing their experiences with friends, family, and online communities. This organic word-of-mouth marketing typically results in the acquisition of new customers, built around existing communities, and expands the customer base.
  3. Competitive Differentiation: By focusing on delivering memorable experiences and driving emotional connections, engagement programs helps to establish differentiation and improves brand identity.
  4. Increased Customer Data: Engagement programs tend to provide more valuable customer insights, which can be used to inform product development, marketing campaigns, and overall evolution of business strategy.

The Evolution of loyalty programs - Conclusion

Some brands have already made significant strides in this direction. For instance, Sephora’s Beauty Insider program encourages customers to engage with the brand through product reviews, community forums, and makeup classes. Similarly, Starbucks’ rewards program emphasizes mobile app engagement, offering features like mobile ordering, personalized recommendations, and digital tipping.

In conclusion, the shift from loyalty to engagement programs reflects a broader evolution in the business-consumer relationship. As businesses strive to adapt to the changing consumer landscape, the focus is no longer just on rewarding transactions but on building meaningful, engaging relationships.

We believe that the future for building and maintaining customer loyalty lies in these engagement programs that offer a richer, more personalized brand experience, driving emotional connection, brand advocacy, and enhanced business performance. That is one reason why we are working to extend our range of reward categories to include more experience rewards.

How Reward the World™ is Seeing Success with Foreworth

In the spirit of continuous innovation, Reward the World™ announce the implementation of the first true code assessment platform from Foreworth.

In an interview with Foreworth, Reward the World™ CEO Denis Hure, Head of Development Sergio Paulino and Senior Developer Yolanda Fernandez explain the amazing benefits of this platform for both Reward the World™ clients,  internal and  external teams, management and investors.  Read the full interview below.

We had the opportunity to sit down with our clients at Reward the World™, to learn more about their experience with our platform and how they’ve been using it to improve their team’s operations. Reward the World™ is a global digital rewards solutions provider that offers millions of digital entertainment choices to help encourage and reward the behaviors and outcomes that businesses desire. CEO and founder Denis Huré, the visionary leader behind their incredible digital rewards platform, Head of Development, Sergio Paolino, and Senior Developer, Yolanda Gonzalez, joined us to share their thoughts on Foreworth after few months of use.

Foreworth: To jump right in, when you first discovered Foreworth, what did you find most interesting about the platform?

Denis: Being in the innovation space, we spend a lot of time looking at new products and services to see whether they’re applicable internally to help us gain implementation speed, quality of development, team efficiency, or externally, to provide some benefit to our clients and their own customers.

Foreworth is what we believe to be the first true code-assessment platform, and its adoption has given us a real competitive advantage.

Foreworth’s platform has given us internal visibility into the quality of our platform development and provided our major clients with the ability to instantly check our own platform’s quality and security–and (when we arrive at that stage), it will provide our investors with automatic valuation and quality metrics on our platform development.

Sergio: For the dev team, the ability to verify our code quality and the evolution of our digital rewards platform from a technical viewpoint was what got us on board. It also helps us to communicate better with management. With Foreworth, we can now provide critical data on where we need to focus resources and how much of those resources, we need to allocate to improve specific areas of our ecosystem.

Foreworth: One of Foreworth’s core goals is to help our clients to achieve better productivity and efficiency in development. How has Foreworth been helping you to improve development productivity?

Denis: Foreworth’s accessible 3D visualization tool and the scoring system allow us to better prioritize our development efforts and provides some really detailed information on where we need to spend our resources to improve security and compliance, update our code and components, and so on.

With these tools, it’s now easy to see where we’re falling behind, and work to fix those issues in a smart and informed way.

It also provides cost estimates for each change, which helps a lot with planning and budgeting.

Sergio: For us, the ability to identify security risks on our platform and have the option to target them immediately by knowing exactly where they are coming from, has been a big productivity booster.

The software architecture insights we get with Foreworth, also help us pinpoint structural challenges and unnecessary code complexity, which has been great for managing our refactoring and maintenance efforts.

Yolanda: Yeah, this has been great for managing our refactoring and maintenance efforts. It also helps us with visualizing and understanding the size and scope of our applications. Since we’re working on evolving the structure of our platform, which our current architecture is allowing us to do, instead of re-platforming.

Foreworth: We’re glad it’s been such a help. What has been the biggest advantage you’ve gained since using our platform so far?

Denis: The biggest advantage, for us, has been how it has helped the entire company to focus on key issues and challenges and to ensure our priorities are defined and aligned with our key objectives.

For example, in just a few months, we have already improved our quality and security score to an amazing level, all with better control of our budget.

Foreworth: Denis, how do you see Reward the World™ relationship with Foreworth’s platform in the upcoming years?

Denis: In most companies, the CFO or finance director has a financial dashboard to help them run their business. We believe that Foreworth has the ability to become the go-to dashboard for any CIO or CTO and anyone else at the head of development.

At Reward the World™, Foreworth’s platform is our Technology & Development dashboard. The Key Performance Indicators and metrics it provides are definitely going to be at the center of our corporate planning strategy going forward.

Foreworth: We often hear tech leaders say they’re worried about the push-back from their devs when it comes to tools that analyze or assess their code. What would you say to technical leads or other software engineers who are debating whether to adopt something like Foreworth?

Sergio: For tech leads, I think Foreworth’s platform provides a great analysis and breakdown of your application’s architecture and technical health. This can really help your team to decide on the best steps and procedures to correct or improve your application choke points.

Yolanda: I would say, for dev teams like ours, where you have regularly scheduled code reviews, this makes the process so much simpler–and it’s so secure. The code never even leaves your servers, so there’s a great sense of control and safety with using Foreworth’s platform.

Denis: Since we can track the efficiency of each dev team and their members, this provides us great insight on what extra training a team and their members may benefit from. And more training they get better they are at their job.

Learn more about how Reward the World™ makes digital rewards fun, easy, and exciting for both businesses and consumers, here.

For more information on Foreworth’s platform and how they support more efficient and productive software development, book a demo to speak with one of our experts today.

United Breast Cancer Foundation

UBCF's Breast Cancer COVID Grant Program proves a big hit

Early in the COVID Pandemic, the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) chose to work with Reward the World™ as part of UBCF’s COVID Grant Program to provide breast cancer patients and survivors with online gift cards and other online offerings to help lessen stress and make sheltering at home easier. Apparently, according to Ken Petterson, Sr. VP Donor Engagement and Philanthropy at UBCF this proved to be quite a bit hit during the lockdowns and in particular where people were shielding.

Ken has very kindly dropped us a note to tell us about how it’s been received. We look forward to continuing to work with Ken and UBCF to improve our service and make it easier for UBCF to continue to do such a good job for breast cancer patients and survivors in the US.


United Breast Cancer Foundation is a Guidestar platinum-rated, national nonprofit organization and our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer. We offer 8 life-supporting programs to the breast cancer community, serving thousands of women, men, and families each year. UBCF’s COVID Grant Program provides breast cancer patients and survivors online gift cards and other online offerings to help lessen stress and make sheltering at home easier during these difficult times, especially for those with compromised immune systems.

UBCF Covid-grantUBCF chose to work with Reward the World™ early in the COVID Pandemic. We were looking for new ways to support our clients as they struggled with breast cancer, the fear of being exposed to COVID, and the need to shelter in place. We wanted to add an online “care package” to our program offerings for our clients.

UBCF created the Covid Grant Program which is an online process from beginning to end. Clients complete an online application and receive an online award. We send clients an award email that includes access to 6 Free eMovie Rentals and 3 Free eBooks from Reward the World™’s rewards platform, along with other gifts. UBCF clients love the fact that they have the ability to choose movies and books that appeal to them personally. Clients share what a thoughtful and useful gift these items are as they are able to read or watch movies instantly while sitting and receiving treatments, or when they are at home recovering from treatments or surgeries.

UBCF clients frequently share their words of gratitude after receiving the movies and eBooks:

“Thank you soooo much! I will enjoy my free movies or reading during my treatment.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really can’t thank you enough for these generous gifts. I’m finishing the last 3 of my 35 radiation treatments and have been a little fatigued lately. This has really perked me up and made my day. Thank you and your foundation for all that you do. The gift card, the free movies, and ebooks are such [a] blessing.“

“OMG, I have to write to the Foundation telling them how appreciative I am for this assistance at such a difficult time! It’ll be so nice to try to relax a bit with a movie or a book! This is just awesome”

“Thank you so much. I love how you gave me ebooks and movies and other options as well, those are definitely a treat and I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I can’t wait to check out the movies and books as well. It feels like getting a hug. Thank you so so much!”

Placing orders with Reward the World™ has been simple and the turnaround time to receive the codes for products has been remarkably fast. Customer support has been reliable and UBCF feels like a valued partner. Accessing the gifts has been a simple process, and if UBCF or our clients need any help, Reward the World™ customer service is ready to assist. Thank you, Reward The World™ for helping us help so many during such a dark time.

Digital Entertainment Gift Card

The demand for gift cards is growing every year

Why are Reward the World™ Digital Entertainment Gift Cards a popular reward choice?

Digital Entertainment Gift Card

The demand for digital gift cards is growing* every year.  And as demonstrated by a recent Clarus Commence study, to retain loyalty and/or make members feel valued,  more immediate benefits should be provided.

The Reward the World digital entertainment gift cards offer a selection of over 60+ million digital entertainment reward choices, accessible instantly, on any device, any time.

What are the benenits for your business?

  • Gift cards are a simple, quick, and easy way to reward behaviour
  • Card value can be set to fit the customer’s budget and can be linked to content per category to better appeal to particular target groups where required
  • The start and expiry date can be customized to coincide with marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Can be deployed rapidly on the market leading Reward the World platform
  • Card Branding, messaging and imagery can be customised at the click of a button with co-branded or fully branded options available
  • Each card is unique and cannot be cloned or otherwise duplicated, minimising the opportunity for fraud
  • Ultimately puts the power of gift selection back in the hands of the receiving member

*(Gift Card Statistics 2020)

Introducing our brand new
Gift Card design

Music Gift Card

With over 24 million tracks from leading labels, including the latest chart favorites, independent local artists and old time classics there will always be new content for your members to enjoy

Music Digital Entertainment Gift Cards

Movies Gift Card

Stream the latest movie releases from your sofa, including in theatre home cinema, big action, scary stuff, Disney hits, and classics instantly on almost any digital device.

Movies Digital Entertainment Gift Cards

Mobile Top-Up Gift Card

Send and receive airtime credit instantly to any prepaid* mobile phone worldwide!

Huuray and Reward the World™ Partnership

Huuray and Reward the World™ announce a new co-branded digital rewards platform

Huuray and Reward the World™ Partnership



London, 24th June, 2022 – Reward the World™  – a world leading digital entertainment rewards provider and Huuray, a global gift card provider, have partnered to help further Huuray’s mission to make digital gifting quick, easy and accessible.

Recent US research from Incisiv reported that the eGift Cards segment is the fastest growing of the $160B Gift Card Market and is forecast to grow by 23% by 2025. However, it also identified that the industry needed to reduce friction by allowing faster, seamless purchase and redemption of eGift cards as according to Incisiv, 60% of restaurant and 24% of retail digital gift cards evaluated take more than 24 hours to deliver.

Huuray’s Director of Global Partnerships, Mike Hennig commented, “Our customers are looking for instant digital rewards that are easy to distribute across multiple countries, languages, and currencies. We see that by working with Reward the World, we can significantly improve the entire consumer purchasing cycle of eGift Cards while providing an unprecedented choice of digital rewards globally. Which”, he added, “totally supports our mission to make digital gifting quick, easy, and accessible”.

In the coming months Huuray hope to extend their offer outside of Europe and integrate more of the newer, innovative reward categories that Reward the World™ are introducing.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Denis Hure, CEO Reward the World™ said, “The Reward the World platform offers millions of instant digital rewards, available 24/7 at the click of a button including movies, music, eMagazines, eBooks, games, software, and audio books, all of which will now be instantly available to any Huuray gift card holder in Europe”. 

About Huuray

Huuray is an innovative global gift card provider with an extensive gift catalogue of over 4.500+ brands in over 90 countries. Offering private and public customers a unique SaaS solution – with on-demand ordering and instant issuing of gift cards through a unique tech platform, incl. mass send-outs – whether it’s digital or physical gift cards across the world.


About Reward the World™

Is a world-leading, digital rewards solutions provider with a highly versatile rewards platform offering millions of digital entertainment choices available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button. Helping brands, businesses & institutions everywhere to increase sales or purely reward customer, partner, member, donor & employee behaviour.   

The highly cost-effective digital rewards platform, readily integrates with clients’ sales and marketing systems to deliver instant rewards on a local or global basis, providing true insights while rewarding behaviour. 


Tani Theron
RTW Digital Ltd

Data Residency

Why is Data Residency important for Rewards and Loyalty programs?

Data Residency is suddenly important for Rewards and Loyalty programs but why so?

Data Residency

Many consumer brands and a wide range of B2B companies are successfully operating globally so why is data residency suddenly an issue?

In short, often under the guise of privacy and data protection or ‘national security, many Governments have realised the intrinsic power of ‘big data’ and the fact that much of it currently lies outside of their reach.  

For us as individuals, there is genuine concern regarding who is holding our data, how much, how securely, and exactly what is the holder doing with it? In the current climate, many of us might admit to considerable unease on learning that our data was being held in Russia or China. Similarly, the same may apply to individuals in those same countries with regard to data being held in the US or EU. 

The converse is true for Governments of a more nationalistic or paranoid persuasion who have a strong motivation to ensure they hold all the cards when it comes to their citizens data and how it is employed. While other more enlightened nations are sincerely concerned with the potential commercial or criminal abuse of personal data when Cybercrime is at an all-time high with an estimated $6 trillion of damage already caused in 2022. 

However, regardless of the motivation, where laws have been passed companies and organisations must comply to operate in such jurisdictions.

For example:

> China recently passed a data security law, with significant financial penalties for companies that violate its new cross-border data transfer rules, followed by a personal information protection law, China’s answer to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All of which took effect in 2021.

> Brazil’s own version of the EU and UK’s GDPR came into force in 2021. 

Data Residency Regulations

According to UNCTAD 71% of UN members have legislation in place to protect data and privacy while a further 9% are in the process of drafting legislation. Only 20% either have no legislation or currently have no opinion on the matter. For comparison when it comes to laws against Cybercrime 80% already have legislation and 5% are in the process. So, the two issues would appear to have similar importance for world Governments.

What is the impact on organisations operating rewards and loyalty programs?

Rewards or loyalty programs tend to hold databases containing details of the program members – which may be at a relatively simple or quite detailed level depending on the program.

Essentially, in any jurisdiction where data residency laws apply, data on individuals may need to be held locally and not permitted to reside on or be moved across servers in any other country. In effect, this data must be either held on local servers or use cloud providers that offer residency support or work with what are called residency-as-a-service providers.

Being prepared for Data Residency requirements

Data Residency legislation basically states where data can be stored, viewed, and processed.

While viewing (for example confirming someone’s delivery details for a shipment) and processing data (such as executing a credit card payment) it is the storage of the data that tends to be the most contentious area.

There are then three conditions for where each of these activities can take place:

Replicated – where all three activities can take place both inside and outside of the jurisdiction

Restricted – where only viewing and processing can take place regardless of jurisdiction with storage being restricted to within the jurisdiction

Redactedall three activities can only take place inside the jurisdiction.

Clearly in the last case servers and data storage can only reside inside the jurisdiction which inevitably creates a major challenge for any company with global ambitions, with potentially each operating jurisdiction requiring a different configuration.

Fortunately, as our world-leading digital rewards platform, rewardtheworld.com has been built and developed on Salesforce, we can readily accommodate Data residency-as-a-service so our clients can configure their rewards and loyalty programs to comply with whatever the local jurisdiction requires. Without of course having to worry about what servers to deploy where.

It also helps to simplify growing a business by expanding into a new jurisdiction where differing regulations apply or responding quickly where new regulations are introduced into existing operating jurisdictions.
Data residency is clearly not going to go away and the landscape is likely to get more rather than less complicated for rewards and loyalty program operators, so maybe now is a good time to review your requirements.

At Reward the World™ it is in our DNA to try to anticipate the market challenges facing our clients and figure out new ways to help them respond. Data Residency is a classic case in point where we anticipated the emerging challenge and have proactively identified a solution – in this case, Data-residency-as-a-service. As Peter Drucker once declared, “Innovate or die” and we believe it is as true today as it was when he said it in 1999.

Data residency is one of those issues that can suddenly become an unexpected but major inhibitor to market growth.  Better to be prepared than caught unawares, so If you are interested in discussing your existing or upcoming data residency needs, please contact us now.

Introducing Points Exchange

Gift your members the flexibility to convert their current points into any* other loyalty program currency they participate in, with Points Exchange. A new feature available from Reward the World™

The benefits for your business include:

1. Reduced loyalty points liability
2. Release of points margin
3. Simple ‘earn’ transaction for point sales
4. Increased points liquidity due to the much wider market for redemption
5. Immediately offers members more redemption choices and flexibility
6. Helps to fill the points gap by allowing members to combine currencies to redeem the rewards of their choice
7. Transforms your points into a negotiable loyalty currency thereby enhancing the perceived value of your points against your competitors

Schedule a call with our CEO Denis to learn more about this product.  We look forward to the possibility of both increasing redemption levels and providing an added benefit to your members.  Let’s help you reward your customers and gain the results you need.

Music has benefits

Reward the World is relaunching Music Rewards

To meet popular demand we are relaunching Music Rewards - back better than ever

Here at Reward The World we know that Music is one of the most popular rewards to download. Indeed, historically music downloads represent over 50% of all our digital reward redemptions†.

It is widely accepted that listening to music has real psychological benefits and according to a recent Verywell study, 77% of readers said music helped to cheer them up during the pandemic.

So that is why Reward the World is relaunching Music Rewards and announcing a bigger, better, wider, and more extensive range of music rewards that will now be available for download by the end of December 2021. As you might expect this includes not only the back catalogues of famous bands and artists but also some of the latest releases across genres from classical to hip-hop and house.

Music has benefits

As demonstrated by a recent Clarus Commence study, (79%) of program participants don’t want to accumulate any more points, they want to reap more immediate benefits to retain their loyalty and/or make them feel valued. As a highly cost-effective micro reward the relaunch of music on the Reward the World™ platform instantly provides a huge choice of digital rewards well within the grasp of participants with relatively low point balances.

This means that customers or potential customers can be offered meaningful rewards even for the purchase of small-ticket items.

Some of the improvements and added benefits are:

  • Music downloads now available in the USA, Canada and the whole of Europe

  • Hi-res sound quality download options, including 24-bit FLAC

  • A slicker user-interface, with music arranged by genre, making browsing and redemption much easier and quicker

  • The option to instantly save tracks directly to your favourite online cloud storage solution* for easy recall on any device

We believe that the relaunch of this highly cost-effective digital rewards category, provides a great way to reward consumer behaviour, with instantly accessible digital music downloads that will both surprise and delight. We would highly recommend the promotion of music rewards for product promotional and subscriber renewal campaigns.

Let’s help you reward your customers and gain the results you need.

Reward the World™ and Perkbox join forces to bring a whole new world of digital entertainment to employee rewards programs

Reward the World™ & Perkbox join forces to bring digital entertainment to employee rewards programs

Post-COVID - it is a whole new world in the employment business

Yes, we just announced a partnership with Perkbox to bring a new world of digital entertainment to employee rewards programs.
So why is this important?  Well, the 21st Century has seen the emergence of two new generations of potential employees – the Millennials and now Generation Z and the world of business is quickly waking up to the fact that their expectations of work and working life are very different from their predecessors; Generation X and the Baby Boomers.

Smart companies and their HR departments are now rapidly evolving their overall recognition, rewards, and benefits proposition to better meet the needs of these increasingly important groups. Perkbox, as a leading global benefits platform is setting the pace by joining forces with Reward the World™ to start to bring our vast range of digital entertainment to their platform.

However, our research tells us that these groups also have an appetite for virtual gift cards, the ability to move reward currencies across platforms, and, despite spending much of their time in the cyber-sphere, also for the opportunity to redeem rewards against real-world experiential activities.

Watch this space…



London, 23rd November, 2021 – Reward the World™  – a world leading digital entertainment rewards provider and Perkbox, the global benefits platform, have partnered to help businesses deliver digital entertainment as part of a flexible rewards and benefits proposition that helps employers care for, connect with and celebrate their employees wherever they are.

Especially in this nearly post-COVID world, employees across the globe expect much more from their employers than the odd summer barbecue or gift card. Equally, switched on employers are recognizing that they need to modernise benefits offerings and unlock a personalised rewards experience, if they’re to attract, retain and engage the best talent.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Millennials will comprise 75% of the US workforce by 2030. In response to this, Perkbox, like many global companies, also recognizes that Millennials as a group come with a very different set expectations – they are totally comfortable with digital consumption and technology in general, not only expect to be treated as individuals and but also expect that organizations will quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving workplace. (PWC Millennials at work). It is therefore imperative that companies can offer a benefits and rewards program that also reflects the expectations of this increasingly important group.

Perkbox believes that joining forces with Reward the World™, companies will be in a great position to bring a huge choice of affordable digital rewards within easy and quick grasp of employees – through the new platform films can be rented, eMagazines, eBooks and audio books downloaded, and games played in return for relatively low levels of reward points.

Perkbox’s Director of Global Partnerships, Joel Tobias commented, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Reward the World™ to help companies of any size keep their colleagues entertained and engaged without breaking the bank. Its micro rewards offering is an important piece of the puzzle in delivering modern, flexible benefits that are easily accessible, have a wide variety of choice and provide something for everyone.”

Perkbox users can quickly redeem points at a Digital Rewards site exclusively reserved for Perkbox users. Currently only films (US only), eMagazines, eBooks, games and audio books are available but over the next few months this will be extended to include additional rewards, such as music and casual games.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Denis Hure, CEO Reward the World™ said, “We believe this partnership will readily support Perkbox’s global expansion strategy by providing their clients’ employees access to a huge choice of digital rewards, instantly redeemable globally, on any device “. He went on to say, “If this pandemic has taught us anything about employee rewards it is that people expect choice and instant accessibility to digital entertainment as the norm”.

About Perkbox

Perkbox is the global benefits and rewards platform that allows companies to care for, connect with and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are and what they want. With over 10 years’ experience in the benefits and rewards space and offices in London, Sheffield and Sydney, Perkbox helps over 5,000 companies across the globe – including Nandos, Levis Strauss and Flight Centre – keep their employees happy, healthy and motivated.


About Reward the WorldTM

We are a world-leading, digital rewards solutions provider with an elegant rewards platform offering millions of digital entertainment choices available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to encourage and reward the outcome our customer’s desire. Helping brands, businesses & institutions everywhere to increase sales or purely reward customer, partner, member, donor & employee behavior.  Our sophisticated back end provides access to detailed analytics, AI, and reporting tools allowing customers to gain deep insights into behavior and target data collected.

We offer a highly cost-effective digital rewards platform, which readily integrates with our clients’ sales and marketing systems to deliver instant rewards on a local or global basis, not only providing true insights into but also rewarding consumer behavior.


Tani Theron
RTW Digital Ltd

40+ Essential UX Statistics — Everything You Need To Know

Find out what's really going on in the world of user experience with the help of our UX statistics. Only the freshest information from relevant sources.

Read the full article at: www.smallbizgenius.net

We all know User experience (or UX) is key to success.

We are talking here about online, but it is also true in the brick & mortar world. I remember buying my first iPad 10 years ago, in an Apple Store. Someone came to me asking me all the usual questions, when my choice was made, he gave me the box, pulled his portable credit card reader, swipe my card and asked if I wanted the receipt and invoice sent to me via email. I was amazed, they made it so easy for me to buy....

Back to the internet world, these stats show that 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience.

At Reward the World™ we realize the importance of UX and are always working to improve it, so user will want to come back, and by doing so helping to achieve our clients objectives.

We are announcing this week our company initiative called the 1-Click redemption. Our objective is to make sure any of our 60 millions rewards are redeemable in 1 click from any device. This is an ongoing process, but the first reward category benefiting from this initiative will go live by the end of the month. A first step toward being a place to redeem to becoming a place to enjoy your rewards...

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