1-Click Redemption strategy

Reward the Worldannounces 1-Click Redemption strategy for digital rewards.

Today, at Reward the Worldwe are launching our 1-Click Redemption strategy which will make our reward solutions even more frictionless, removing all unnecessary processes, enabling reward redemption in one single step and allowing users to enjoy digital rewards instantly.

Questionwhen does a reward feel less like a reward and more like a burden?

Answerwhen the redemption process is complicated and tiresome!

Whether it is a gift card, or a reward voucher the excitement and satisfaction of receiving a reward rapidly diminishes if the effort in redeeming it starts to outweigh the value of the gift or reward.

For big-ticket items such as a free Atlantic flight, we are (reluctantly) prepared to jump through several hoops but for micro-rewards such as an emagazine, album track or ebook download the redemption process can easily be a turn-off.

The aim of the Reward the World 1-Click Redemption strategy is to make reward redemption for the user as frictionless as possible, delivering the selected reward in as short a time as possible, with the minimum of user effort.

Let’s face it in the modern world of high expectations in UX, instant gratification is king!

The advent of GDPR and other similar privacy regulations, and the Third-party data issue has created an imperative for Brands seeking to connect with their consumers while suitably rewarding desired behavior – be that opting-in to contact or rewarding purchase at the point of payment.

In short, we see the potential demand for high volume, low-value instant digital rewards to be huge and growing rapidly.

However, to be effective at high volume and low value, reward redemption needs to be as frictionless as possible, delivering that gratification in as short a time as possible, with a minimum of effort.

rewardtheworld.com, our current digital rewards redemption platform displays our entire digital entertainment catalog (currently 60,568,921 items), in a wide range of languages from our partners around the world, aggregated and presented in one unified, simple interface.

However, our plan over the coming weeks and months will be to bring 1-Click Redemption to each category of rewards in the catalog, one category at a time. With the result that when visiting the rewardtheworld.com platform our users will now not only be able to redeem a wide range of digital rewards but also instantly enjoy these rewards – watch, listen or read without migrating to another app or system.

So, what benefits will 1-Click Redemption bring to our corporate customers?  

> Easy redemption and instant consumption will encourage more redemption

> More redemption will increase the users’ perceived value of the reward-relationship

> The higher the user-perceived value the more likely the user is to stay loyal to and recommend the brand or vendor offering the reward

> Increased participation in rewards brings better user engagement while collecting more, valuable data

Surely, regular redemption of rewards must be one reliable indicator of how a user views a brand, company or employer?

Stay tuned as we will announce each category as 1-Click Redemption becomes available. In the meantime, to discuss how 1-Click Redemption can help support your marketing, conversion, employee rewards programs etc chat with us now.

Americans' Favorite Video Game Genres

This chart shows the share of regular gamers who say they preferred the following video game genres in 2020.

In our recent post 'Think you know who plays video games - think again!' we discussed how the demographics and behaviours of video games players have evolved recently. As you can see from the above player preferences graphic, far from being limited to classic 'shoot-em ups', tastes are spread across a wide range of genres.

It may come as a surprise to some to find 'Casual Games' commanding an audience of more than one-third of gamers. The term generally refers to video games that don't require a major time investment to play, win, and enjoy, while a 'casual gamer' is described as someone who enjoys any video game without investing significant time into it, playing it spontaneously, irregularly, or infrequently.

To meet this demand, here at Reward the World™  we are planning to bring Casual Games to our world-leading digital rewards platform - but with an added twist.

 With our soon-to-be launched casual games' category, the rewards' redeemer will be able to immediately play casual games at the point of redemption. All part of our drive to remove redemption friction and to enable users to enjoy their digital rewards with the minimum fuss. 

So stay tuned for more information!

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Think you know who plays video games - think again!

The category of Video games has always been a very strong reward download favourite at Reward the World™. But many misconceptions remain regarding who plays video games, what they play and how they play them. However, according to a recent study in the US by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) we need to better understand the demographic shift in the game-player audience and behaviour. Rather than being anchored in the classic young male segment the appeal of videogames now transcends age and gender.

Age 55-64For instance 82% of woman between the ages of 55-64 say that games provide them with mental stimulation, which rises to 87% for men in the same age group. Probably an activity to be encouraged in this group in  light of our better understanding of the causes of dementia.

According to the survey there is a total of 214 million regular game players in the US of which  64% are adults (163 million). Across all players 59% are male and 41% female. So clearly a group no longer dominated by the stereotypical ‘spotty-youth’ of old.

Potentially of more importance is the answer to the question – why do the various groups play games?

Once again, the old cliché of the introverted, sad individual locked away in his bedroom is busted.

It seems that nowadays game playing has become a much more social activity with some 65% of gameplayers playing with others, a total of  27% with a spouse or partner and 24% with other family members.

Overall women age 35-54 appear to be the most social gameplayers with 58% preferring to play with friends and 37% having a preference for family oriented games.

Most popular ESAOne interesting trend of note is the rise in popularity of Casual Games – ones we play online or via a mobile phone to while away a few minutes when we have time to kill.

In conclusion then, it is fair to say that when it comes to providing a reward for a purchase or in return for a registration or subscription videogames now have very wide appeal. In particular Reward the World, while having a huge range of videogames for reward download, can provide many casual games  at a very cost-effective level, allowing their deployment in campaigns where acquisition costs per unit must be kept low.

If you are interested in exploring how you could deploy video games as instant rewards to support marketing campaigns and help achieve your campaign objectives chat with us now.


Project Makeover - a popular casual game

Project Makeover - casual game

Announcing our partnership with The Loyalty People!

Reward the World™ is very proud to work with the great team at The Loyalty People.

They create & implement best in class Loyalty Program & CRM strategy, provide training and offer Contract Resources.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or optimizing your current Loyalty Program & CRM they are your go-to expert agency.

Showcase entertainment rewards on your website

Showcase entertainment rewards directly on your site

Showcase entertainment rewards directly on your website

Implement our RSS Feed quickly and easily with one piece of code.  Ahowcase our top entertainment rewards directly on your website. Giving your users a glance at the latest choices. And showcase our top trending music, movies, ebooks and games (updated daily) directly on your website!

Select your country & the content category from the drop down menu as shown below to access to our RSS feeds.

Download the implementation guide: 1 Day Integration Guide

View an example of our RSS feed and the content choices that can be showcased on your website.


The Subscription Challenge


The Subscription Challenge  

We, subscribers, are an awkward lot and despite our digitalised world many publishers still face the subscription challenge. Despite the advance of digital media consumption, many magazine publishers still rely heavily on the casual purchase of magazines from newsagents and convenience stores, rather than through subscription.

The BBC’s Top Gear magazine is a good case in point, with an average monthly print circulation of just over 48,000 with digital at around 11, 000 (2020 ABC data).

At first look, this suggests that the publishers – Immediate Media, only appear to have a direct relationship with under 19% of their total circulation. However, on a closer look the ABC data reveals that 32,000 (54%) is currently received on a subscription basis (combined print and digital).

The Conversion to Subscription Challenge

Retention of the subscription readership is crucial

So on the face of it, Immediate has done a fairly good job at converting the readership to subscription. But this still leaves some 21,000 (36%) purchased as single copies from newsagents or similar outlets. Given that this title has been steadily declining since its peak circulation of 150,000 back in 2013 conversion to, and retention of the subscription readership is crucial to the future of the title.

The Top Gear magazine situation is a common challenge faced by many traditional print magazines and one where tailored, rewards can help incentivise the right reader or subscriber behaviour as part of the overall retention/conversion strategy. Providing, of course, the rewards can be delivered in a timely, easy and cost-effective manner.

Rewards-based approach to the Subscription Challenge

How best to respond to this challenge? The publisher can consider applying a rewards-based approach as follows: 

> A unique QR or Voucher code is printed on each magazine for around three consectuive editions to ensure that the offer lodges in the subconscious of the potential subscriber – more than one nudge is required!

> Entering the code online or better a scan of the QR code a customised landing page opens where the reader registers, providing the required minimum contact and profile details,  checks the required GDPR boxes, plus optionally three or four specific questions regarding interests that could be useful in future content decisions or promotions in the upcoming editions

> Once registration is completed the reader is automatically transferred to the rewards platform to instantly select the game, music, or video title desired

> Within 24 hours the now registered user receives an email, WhatsApp, or Facebook message making an offer for say a 6-months subscription discount voucher, followed by a reminder one week later. Various offers can be tested to find those which deliver the best response.

The Result

One of the benefits of digital rewards is that they can be tailored to the available budget. Also, by connecting with a rewards platform, such as Reward The World, a huge range of videos, games, ebooks, and music is available to entice the potential subscriber to take the leap. With API integration your new subscriber can transparently be passed through to redeem his or her reward instantly. No faffing about waiting for emails or entering additional urls.

Offering digital rewards also provides a contrasting alternative to offering introductory subscription offers such as 12 issues for the price of 10 which can have a negative impact. Ultimately the aim is to attract, tempt and persuade the would-be subscriber to subscribe as smoothly and as positively as possible, keeping the hoops to jump through down to a minimum. While of course avoiding any delays between the registration and the receipt of the reward.

It goes without saying that approaching the subscription renewal date a similar process may need to be repeated to secure the renewal. But once integrated with the digital rewards platform this is easy to do and will already be familiar to the subscriber.

Refer Friends and Win

Refer Friends and Win

“Refer Friends to Win”, focus on rewarding loyal customers who refer their friends to download great digital content.

All participants and referred friends who register automatically enter into a bi-weekly prize draw.   Participants can win a 6-month Movie Pass, offering 1 Movie Rental Per Month for 6 Months.  And their friends can also WIN a movie to watch.

There is no limit to the rewards that can be earned!  And ClubCoins never expire!  Find Out More and Check out the Prizes

Participants are rewarded from the first referral.  And receives a 100 ClubCoins voucher (our virtual currency which never expires) redeemable at rewardtheworld.com.  Rent the latest blockbuster movie, download a great novel, or select a reward from millions of top digital entertainment choices.  Also receive a 500 ClubCoins voucher (worth 5 euro) once 5 friends are referred.

Every brand can benefit from Digital Rewards

Yes, customers can be fickle, but it is rarely with any malice. It is also a noisy digital world with all manner of distractions that can divert or delay customers’ attention.

It is a well-recognized fact that the first few days in a new customer relationship are crucial where a companies performance will heavily influence the direction of any future relationship – up or out!.

It is also fair to say that thanks to Amazon, 24-hour order delivery expectation is the established benchmark in many countries.  Potentially compressing the grace period to 1-2 days. Interestingly as online ordering volumes have accelerated so has the volume of returns, thus adding another element to the customer experience journey. In 2019 online returns typically ranged from 15-40% of goods bought, with clothing and shoes bought online having the highest rates at a staggering 30% to 40%.

So there is no escape, the early day’s performance will always dictate how a company or brand is perceived in practice.

Surely a safe, on-time delivery and a positive customer experience should be reward enough?

Well yes and no. Yes, in that all the boxes have been ticked, but no, because an extra tickle can often turn a great experience into a memorable one.

Thanks to Mr Pavlov and his psychology experiments with dogs, it is established that fact rewarding behaviour reinforces that behaviour, and not just in dogs. Therefore, ask yourself when is the best time to reward a customer? Following the logic – as soon as possible after the act of purchase the better, to cement an immediate connection with the brand and the desired warm and fuzzy feeling.

Should every customer be rewarded for every purchase or every service renewal? Probably, the anticipation of pleasure is often stronger than the actual experience itself. The next question is then, what about affordability? Markets are competitive, margins are tight and marketing budgets facing competing demands.

This is where digital rewards be a very effective tool; delivery is fast and easy,  Choice is huge; the selection of movie downloads, games, ebooks, magazine subscriptions is vast and instantly consumable. Choice can be targeted or limited depending on demographics or local regulation.  The reward mechanism can be a one-off online voucher or a movie pass or a digital gift card.

Every company is aiming to build strong, sustainable customer relationships and connect them more deeply to ultimately reduce or minimise churn. The inherent challenge is that target is always moving and the market changes with increasing rapidity. Whatever program or campaign you may be running today you can be sure that it won’t be as effective next week, next month, or next year. So flexibility is key. With digital rewards,  reward-mechanisms can be refreshed and new approaches tried out rapidly and adapted depending on results and take up.

Using the right rewards partner such as Reward the World, no inventory needs to be carried, digital rewards are highly cost-effective when compared to the equivalent consumer rates, and the rewards platform handles all the digital product presentation, selection and redemption process.

We can have your program up and running within hours with a simple solution to prove the effectiveness of our method, or within days for a more bespoke and integrated solution.